The Burnout Limbo

Warning: This post is long overdue

I am hoping the title coaxes onlookers to raise one eyebrow and read on. It’s meaning comes from learning where our stress limit is and how much we can actually take on. Up until two weeks ago, I was back working full time at a very heavy thinking, stressful job while also trying to manage my way through 9 credits. Now, maybe I’ve been spoiled to have great instructors, however I wasn’t impressed this semester. If an instructor is very disorganized, the students likely will be. However, disorganization has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was getting home from work already burnt out for the day. Turning in late homework and the grades that were coming are just not me. Because these classes aren’t going to a particular degree, I had to make a choice. So, my dear college students, tread carefully because burnout sneaks up like a ninja. Well, it did for me at least.

The classes I was taking were:

  • IT Essentials (A+)
  • Linux Networking (Linux+)
  • Network Essentials (Network+)

If you’re familiar with technology certifications, you’ll notice that all three classes used CompTIA textbooks. CompTIA is a very well known and respected series of certifications working from computer hardware, networking, and more. So, in all truth, I could study the books anyway and then take the certification tests instead

I feel as if I’m turning back in the Web Development direction again, at least on my free time. I can’t, and won’t, go into more detail but I will be working more on my portfolio website ( where some functionality and design “misses” needed to be fixed or added. Also, this blog will soon be integrated into a CMS (WordPress) blog that will be actually attached to the site. This makes me feel really excited as it’ll get me punching code again, which is something I love to do.

I also have plans to try and remedy MusicBytes being neglected for far too long. A massive rule of web development would be to not put up a site like that, start building up an audience, and then disappear for two months. “How To Loose Your Regular Visitors: 101”. However, this will give me a chance to learn lessons on how to rebuild an audience and improve upon traffic by way of Search Engine Optimization and scheduled updates.

I do have other projects calling my name at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to read this attempt to waddle back out and post without shame.