E-Portfolio Update in the Works

Just a quick entry this time. The last two days, I’ve started to migrate my current E-Portfolio (brianwardwell.com) from its current HTML-only state into a PHP-based site. I admit that I did a victory dance when I moved the jQuery code that runs the show/hide feature of the “Academics” page despite using PHP includes and moving the jQuery code to inside the body. Three of its pages are already done and beings that I am actually fixing some of the CSS container issues I didn’t like previously, the rest should just be filling in the content on the new pages. I’ll let that FTP-upload and then from there, I’ll add in the blog engine for on there.

I also hope to add more functionality as well as time goes on including “click-to-run-example” programs such as a Python calculating a week’s wages, taxes and net pay.

Take care everyone,

Brian Wardwell