More Development On Personal Projects

A Little Update

For quite a few months now, I have been working on personal projects when I have freetime and when it pertains to work, as my new portfolio here is being built using Laravel. The portfolio site is coming along nicely and I am starting to fill in some of the coding content pages such as a brief overview of PHP, CSS, and so forth. Recently, there has been progress in creating a custom CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) portion that will act as the blog. Creating a blog and other RESTful portions have been the largest challenge since picking up Laravel. It’s all enthusiasm of course even if there are the occasional frustrating stretches.


I had been working with a web hosting company as I had decided that my rebranding and redesign of my current music/entertainment website, After working on a client’s site using the Umbraco CMS, I quickly fell in love it it. Wanting to move away from WordPress for this site, I went in the direction of Umbraco. Unfortunately, I let too many months roll by and trying to have faith in a web host I had chosen for the ASP.NET environment. The good news is that, after choosing a new web host only last week, Umbraco is finally installed on the domain and development can now move forward. The new site is The Music Pavilion and has a temporary landing page up. It’s primary purpose is information, though the CSS is responsive. My sights are on designing the full site rather than be a perfectionist on a temporary landing site that will look different than the production design.


I hope to have further updates very soon.